I believe that empathy is the most essential quality of civilization

– Robert Edbert

Empaths are known as the lifeline of this world due to their generosity, kind-heartedness and understanding behavior. They are easily approachable and have a very high intuition.

The healing abilities of the empaths are well known to everyone due to their natural ability to scan and read the energies of people and places. Thus, they are fantastic counselors. They have a sort of natural respect for everyone around them, even for plants and animals. They know that we are all connected by energy.

Empaths are highly creative and intuitive people.

The main trait of empaths is- Empathy. They are able to empathize with the whole world. This empathy is a form of emotional intelligence.

Empathy is a vehicle to understand the feelings of others and convey it back to them. It helps the world to understand emotions better and thus makes the world a better place to live in.

Today, most of the problems of the world are because of lack of understanding and compassion. And lack of empathy is the main cause of these problems, thus we need empaths to lead our way and direct the world to be an earthly heaven.

Empaths do have this essential gift.  It just might change the world.

Still, empaths struggle to control their gift. This happens because they are more open to the energies around them; the good and the bad.

Dear Empath, the world needs you to develop your boundaries so that you can protect yourself from the harmful energy.

The world needs you to take proper care of yourself.

The world needs you to learn to say NO and stop being responsible for everyone.

Empaths who establish their boundaries are still able to heal and connect with others as well as simultaneously take care of themselves.

You need to be happy, dear empath, so that you can take better care of the world.

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