Do you sometimes feel that your loved ones are trying to contact you from the spiritual realm?

Do you want to know how to understand and interpret their messages?

If you feel that your loved ones are trying to contact you, it is very likely that there is a reason behind their attempt as it takes a lot of energy from their end to do so.

The signs of this process are often very faint and subtle as your loved ones will not use the language of the physical world but they would convey their message using energy, feelings signs or images.

Fascinating, right?

Today in this article, we will give you the 4 telltale signs that show that your loved ones are trying to connect with you from the beyond.

1. Dreams

Dreams are the most common way of communication for spirits to contact you. While dreaming, you are naturally open to the world of the spirits which makes it easier for your loved ones to contact you. You should pay attention to the images and symbols that you see during the dreams. The connections you will make during your dream will also have an impact on your emotions as displayed during the day.

2. Spirit Signs

Spirits send us different signs to alert us about their presence. The sign can be anything, like your father’s favourite flower or a number directly linked to your loved ones. These signs usually appear at a significant time.

3. Electrical Interference

Spirits have strong electrical energy; thus, they can trigger electrical equipment like phone to ring, or lights to flicker etc. These electrical misbehaving when combined with a strong sense of a loved one being around is a clear sign that they are trying to contact you.

4. Subtle and Psychic Senses

Your intuition by itself is able to tell that there is someone who is trying to contact you. And when your psychic and intuitive senses predict it along with any other sign, then it becomes a wonderful way to experience the presence of your loved ones.

These are the top 4 signs but your loved ones can contact you with some other means as well, so remain open to receiving the psychic signals.

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