We all are natural beings experiencing human forms. Or the spirit is connected with the entire universe but it also has its own distinct nature.

As believed by almost all the cultures across the world, we are made from 5 basic elements- Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Ether (recessive element).

These elements show different traits in every individual, thus based on that we can find the dominant nature of the soul.

Identifying your own element

# Fire Element

Fire spirits are here in this world to deliver a message. They are people of strong will and determination. When not balanced, fire spirits become extremely aggressive in nature.

They can lash out on anyone hindering their way. But when in control, they use this massive energy for constructive projects which result in success.

#Earth Element

Earth spirits are natural healers. They heal themselves, others and the world at large. Their single goal is to make this planet a better place to live in. When they have deep desire to heal, their spirit awakens. They do not mind taking big responsibilities and are natural leaders.

When out of balance, they become too cold and forget their aim. They love to be with nature to stay balanced.

#Air Element

Air spirits are natural speakers and their main aim is to bring innovation to the world. They are great visionaries and bring long lasting change with their revolutionary ideas.

When out of balance, they close themselves in a situation and do not want to deal with it. They lose their connections and abilities to think out of the box.

#Water Element

Water spirits are composed of art, music and creativity. They are highly intuitive and explore things with open mind. They are very sensitive to their surroundings and can see the energy of others.

They can awaken themselves simply by knowing who they are. When out of balance, they feel drained and overwhelmed. They are very sensitive towards emotions when out of balance.

So, these are the natures of the spirit. What is your dominant one?

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