Children are pure beings born with open heart chakras. Their purity gets polluted when they are born in this physical world.

When we grow old, we get stuck in the worldly pursuit of learning emotional hardships leaving behind our quest of spiritual fulfillment. But when a child is born, he/she is free of this pollution, thus they have Extra Sensory Abilities.

Some are able to express their gifts, while others can’t, but all the children are without any doubt ‘spiritually awakened’. With time and with proper nourishment of child’s soul, true awakening can be achieved.

In this article today, we’ll discuss how to raise Spiritually Awakened Children:

1. Teach your child that emotions are okay

You must teach your child to embrace all types of emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, joy etc. must all be dealt with in the same way. If you’ll tell your child to repress anger, then that emotion can create blockage to your heart center.

3 ways to deal with anger

  • Recognize the emotion
  • Allow the child to understand the emotion
  • Allow a healthy space to release the anger. Eg, you may allow the child to yell ‘I am angry’.
2. Remove programming of good and bad behavior

Labeling the child as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ creates a process of self worth and a separation from within. They start to see themselves as an alter ego. Rather, you should call out the actions and deeds as good or bad. Correct the deeds, not the child.

3. Listen To Them

This seemingly simple tip is probably the most important one. We tend to ignore what kids say because we think that they are just saying. You need to listen to the kids and instill the habit of speaking only the truth. Do not laugh or discard what they say.

4. They Are Here For A Purpose

Every child is born in this world with a purpose and you need to recognize that and give them your most important resource, your time. They are on a mission that only they can complete, thus you must stand by them every step of the way.

So, these are some tips for you to raise Spiritually Awakened Children.

What do you think about these tips? Share your views and opinions with us.

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