Mindfulness has been practiced since the ancient historical period to connect to the higher consciousness and to reduce the worldly stress.

It brings you to the present moment and allows you to have time with your own self without being worried about future events.

Today in this article, we’ll share some mindful attitudes that you can adopt to reduce anxiety and stress.

Volition or Intention

This is the basic core of mindfulness, as your intentions are the real key to transform from this state to the state of peace and happiness. By changing your intentions, you can make anxiety your friend rather than an enemy.

Beginner’s mind

Approach anxiety in a way you encounter any other new experience. This way, your curiosity will take over and you’ll see anxiety in a positive light.

All Things Come And Go

Buddhists as well as the modern scientists believe that all things change. Thus no matter how bad the situation is, change will happen.


This means that you see your anxiety as what it is rather than changing it.

Non- judgment

If you add a layer of judgment over your feelings, your pain will grow. You’ll begin to feel guilty for being a human. So do not judge your anxiety.

Letting Be

When the anxiety comes, you can follow the principle of mindfulness, which asks for passively observing the emotion rather than disrupting or chasing it.

Self Compassion

If you treat yourself with love and kindness, you can escape a lot of pain resulting from anxiety.


Think that all things change to balance the present state. So these wilder experiences of anxiety will soon be replaced by calmness.

Fighting against anxiety will only bring more turbulence, thus take a step back and slow down. Clarity of thoughts will help you to tackle the problem.

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