It happens to every one of us that we are having a great day and then we encounter someone who prickles us. When you meet such people your energy gets tensed up by their very presence.

But there are ways to get rid of such people who invade our space. These ways won’t piss them off as well.

Here are three very easy ways to remove others from our personal space…

Taking The Higher Road

When someone pushes your buttons to disturb you, you feel tempted to react. But this goes against your cause as when you react, the other person gets their stimulus for further pricking. Reacting only perpetuates the button pushing.

So, next time when you feel invaded, take a few deep breaths and remain calm. This will help you to focus on other important things in life. This can help you to regain your composure and will be a real sanity saver.

The Bathroom Is Calling

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by other’s energy, give yourself a bathroom break. This is a great way to get some space and allows you to keep your cool. This way you can end the conversations easily that are going in circles or are very negative.

Less Is More

You can create space for yourself by limiting the time you have in hand for the other person. You can do this by specifying the time that you have, say 10 minutes by saying that “I’ve got to be going in about 10 minutes.”

This helps in two ways; one is that due to shortage of time, you’ll only talk about the most important things and secondly that you’ll get free quickly from that person as well.

So next time you meet such person, rather than screaming on them for their acts or words, use any of these three methods to get yourself some space.

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