It’s not a beach or a mountain which you may visit, but we are talking about an abstract entity which can’t be physically located. It is rather a level of consciousness which we experience. Here, we are talking about the 5th dimension.

What is this shift? It’s similar to our system updates, given that we go through the 4th dimension. The next question that arises is, what is special about the 5th dimension? The 5th dimension is more human with real love and multi-dimensional truth. It is also known as the “enlightened reality”.

Let’s talk about the shift and the signs which hints at it.

1. Life becomes livelier.

The shift lightens your body and soul. You start feeling happy and carefree. A sort of clarity is experienced which makes you more productive and creative.

2. Negativity is a forgotten fiend.

When you go through the 4th dimension you start doing away with negativity and bad emotions. You start loving yourself, which cleanses the emotions like hatred, anger, insecurity.

3. Using all of your senses.

You are filled with optimism; one who remains hopeful no matter what. The good in every tough situation is seen by these people.

4. Perception of time changes.

Definition of time as a physical entity changes for you. You stop caring about the time. Little details of life start seeming unimportant which sometimes may annoy others too.

5. Everyday Manifestations.

You start receiving signs from the universe. The only thing which you then require is that you need to have a comprehensive understanding of these signs. You find yourself as a part of the larger picture which helps you grow.

6. You feel Guided.

Initially you would comprehend these guidance as your imagination or dream. Gradually, you start realising that these are guidance sent from cosmic energy and spirits.

7. Reality becomes illusion.

Daily life becomes more non-existent. You start acknowledging the spiritual self.

This shift from common life to 5th dimension gives more meaning to life. True peace and happiness is more comprehensible to a man. You start trusting the universe.

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