Soulmate, true companion, and many more similar words are invariably used when someone is in LOVE.

The heaven sent (wink wink), whom you can die for, is the one all of us are waiting for. But then the question arises, how would you know that you have found your ‘true love’.

One thing we all realise when we hit maturity is that no physical entity can help us in figuring out about our emotional companion. Love is a feeling and only feeling can confirm if we have met our love of the life.

If we look at the soulmates we realise that they happen to have a deep connection which one can’t understand through materialistic lens. This deeper connection is nothing but the manifestation of true love.

When true love comes to fore, everything else takes the backstage. How you look and what you do, becomes secondary with the person you have that deeper connection with.

Next question which pops up in our mind is that how to find them? What are the signs that hint that our wait has ended?

The concept is basic when it comes to finding our soulmate. Is he/she the one for whom your love can’t be defined in words? Does their presence create a happy picture in your mind? If the answer is yes, then  you’re already on the right track.

Their presence is not about the escalated life,yet you feel special-but-normal with them. They don’t see a different you, but they know the real person who you are. They see beyond what you show and that is what makes it better.

The best friend, with whom you have that special connection, is the true definition of the soulmates. You can find your soul mate in your sibling, or a cousin; it could be anyone.

The love of your life is out there around you. You just need to believe in them.

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