Human beings are unique and each one of us is different from one another.

When we come of age we must understand what role we are supposed to play. To comprehend our own role, we can start by familiarizing ourselves with these 8 archetypal souls found on earth.

1. The King

These are born leaders, who have strong personalities. They are perfectionists as well as demanding in nature. They are seen to have assertive tendencies which sometimes cause their decline.

2. The Priest

Those who have the priestly soul are the ones who invoke inspiration in others. They have the ability to motivate others. However,this supreme quality, sometimes leads to pride and vainglory. The priestly soul must be very careful in that aspect.

3. The Scholar

Highly intelligent with curiosity at its peak, defines the scholar’s soul. Their thirst for knowledge is never satisfied, which makes others think of them as arrogant. However, their inquisitive nature is the reason that draws them away from these conflicts also.

4. The Sage

If you belong to the sage archetype then you’re the born entertainer. They are known to hide their wisdom behind their charm. Generally, there is sadness, which causes them to joke in every possible situation.

5. The Artisan

People, who are natural to creativity, are the ones belonging to this archetype of human soul. They are blessed with originality and sometimes it causes dispute as they fail to understand the non-creative beings.

6. The Warrior

Those of us sharing the warrior soul are ambitious and determined in nature. This often causes rage, as they struggle with their impatience, which irritates others.

7. The Server

These are souls who often struggle because of their own generosity. They can’t help expressing their kindness when provided with opportunity.

8. The Shaman

They are the wise souls, who offer their knowledge even when it is not necessary. They are generally modest but can easily annoy you by behaving like a Know-it-all.

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