Native Americans treat life with respect and dignity. Owing to their experience they have a better understanding of life. Let’s take a leaf from their book to liberate our souls.

1.Sharing good fortune makes us better

By helping others, we do good to both them and ourselves.

2. Plurality of the Religion

There are many religions in the world. It’s important to respect each one of them and their followers.

3. Be yourself

It is easy and yet very hard to imbibe. Nevertheless, don’t cheat with yourself.

4. Reach deep into yourself

Try to understand yourself first; you will know what is best for you.

5. Give others their space

The way you need your space, other people need it too!

6. Offer peace rather than pain

You will anyway regret later because, karma!

7. Respect nature and earth

Mother Nature is kind and giving, but we are not unaware of her wrath. It’s high time we took responsibilities to make our planet a better place!

8. Care for children

They are the future. Do your utmost to foster them as capable individuals.

9. Accept mistakes

We become better only by learning from our mistakes. Accept them!

10. Refuse negativity

Train your mind to see the glass half full. It will take the unwanted stress and anxiety away.

11. Understand others

Understanding others helps keep negativity and disharmony at bay. Give people a chance.

12. Don’t gossip.

Gossiping- too low and uncool to get involved in!

13. Prayer

It gives hope, which is never a bad thing.

14. Take charge

What are you waiting for? Just go for it!

15. Hospitality

Not only your guests, treat everyone well. Be a better human.

16. Practice contentment

Be grateful for what you have. Nothing is enough!

17. Embrace balance

A healthy balance of everything is the key to happy life!

18. Care for truth

It is the only thing worth fighting for!

19. Respect the past

Respect and learn from everything and everyone that was there before you.

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