Here are the 12 reasons why old souls struggle to find love:
1. They Want Love That Is Authentic:

They want to be in love which is authentic and honest to the core. They cannot settle for the flimsy concept of loyalty that some people have.

2. They Want Love That Teaches Us:

They want love to teach them and to make them better. They want love that flatters them. They want to become better in a love relationship.

3. They’re Healers but They Don’t Want To “Fix” Anyone:

Yes, they are healers but they want to spend all of their times as doctors and helping their partners to heal. They can do that but that’s not all they want to do.

4. They Have Complex Personalities:

Yes, the old souls aren’t easy to understand. They have very complex personalities and they aren’t easy to please because obviously they have very high standards.

5. They Want Love That Is Beyond “Liking”:

They don’t want the normal kind of liking. They want deep and passionate love that lasts a lifetimes; not a mere liking, that can’t suffice.

6. They Want Love That Is Vulnerable:

They don’t want to pretend that they are super strong and don’t have feelings. Actually they want to be vulnerable in a relationship. They wish the same from their partner as well.

7. They Want Commitment And Effort:

They want a level of commitment that is extreme and they will judge this commitment through the efforts that you will make to be with them.

8. They Want Love Rooted In Wholeness:

They want love to give them a feeling of completeness. They want fulfillment and satisfaction on a spiritual level as well.

9. They Won’t Settle For Anything Less Than Soulmate Love:

They won’t surely settle for less. They want the soulmate kind of love. They actually know that they deserve that kind of love.

10. They Don’t Enjoy The “Dating Game”:

They don’t like this modern dating business and the way relationships work in the modern world. They are pretty old school in their idea of love.

11. They Come With Wounds:

They have their wounds and their baggage. Now they don’t want you to heal their wounds or something. All that they want is that you hear them out and try to understand them as much as you can.

12. They’re Free Spirits:

They love the boundaries of a relationship but they are free spirited as well. They don’t want their space to be compromised in a relationship.

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