The question of “How The Universe Works?” gives headache to even the sharpest of minds.

Scientists have been arguing about how the universe works and have put forward many theories in an attempt to be as comprehensive as possible in their explanation. But there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

There is a alternate theory that proposes that the universe is electric in nature. It argues that the mainstream scientists do not pay much attention to the electric nature, which is very important in the process of its creation.

They say that although it does not answer all the questions, but still it contains so many essential information which are crucial to understand the universe.

The website explains that:

The Electric Universe Theory argues that electricity plays a more important role in the universe, than is generally accepted.

The theory offers the explanation of a number of natural and astrophysical phenomena. It claims that some of the things going on in the universe can be better understood with any ad hoc explanations.

Like other theories, the electric universe theory made predictions that have been verified and published in many popular books.

The theory brings out the importance of electricity all over the universe. It is premised on the existing established ideas of lightning and properties of plasma (which makes 99.999% of the observable universe)

Most of the work of Electric Universe Theory is peer reviewed (but not all).

The interdisciplinary nature of this theory makes it very exciting. People of diverse subjects like Astronomy, Geology, Physics, Mathematics etc are very excited for the theory. So are we!


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