What does it mean to be highly awakened?

Well, to begin with, it means that you are highly aware about yourself and you are supremely conscious about your being.

This means that highly awakened people are very different from the other people around them and this difference is exactly what makes highly awakened people, special. Here are the 8 things that highly awakened people do differently:

1. They question everything:

Highly awakened people question everything around them. This is because they are searching and seeking and trying to find things that are bigger than themselves. To do the same, they question, incessantly.

2. They know they are special:

Well, they are aware that they have things that other people don’t. Also, they realize the fact that the gifts that they have must be perused in a positive way because they feel responsible to the people around them.

3. They can see the ‘signs’:

They are aware that signs exist around them and they can easily see these signs and make sense of them.

4. They feel everything:

They feel deeply and they feel for everyone. There is a sort of empathy that exists in them and this empathy isn’t limited to their closed ones. They feel for everyone around them.

5. They trust their intuition:

They trust their gut and feel that if their intuition is telling them to do something, they should do it. This means that they consider their intuition to be a developed part of themselves.

6. They have faith in the universe:

They trust the idea that the universe has a way of doing things and therefore they don’t question the ways of the universe. They just do their duty and keep faith.

7. They talk about bigger things:

They don’t involve themselves in petty gossip. Instead, they talk of bigger things and wish that those bigger things happen.

8. They love their time alone:

Well, they enjoy when they are alone and this means that they are not afraid of their loneliness at all.

Do you have people around that are baffled by your behavior?

Please feel free to share your experiences with us. 

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