A walk-in experience revolves around the mission of accomplishing the true nature of the new soul. As walk-ins stem from an alternate reality, it’s important to understand that we need to attune to our changed needs.

Our boundaries and veils hinder our path to attain that true self. We need to focus on living true to our authentic selves and ditch things that hold us back from pursuing it. If not, we’ll start feeling trapped without being able to concentrate on the goal at hand. Certain purification practices like meditation and prayers are some of the best ways to resolve the contracts and energy imprint with our original soul.

People on walk-in assignments need to form connections with others who are like minded and can provide support to them as well. This is because generally most of them don’t tend to have friends to whom they can express their feeling and experiences.

Most people who have walk-ins can recollect the exact time in their lives when they realised they are going through a massive change! But there remains a gap as they cannot explain to anyone exactly how they feel different, let alone even getting a chance to express themselves.

But these days, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo groups, and Meetup.com we are exposed to more possibilities and opportunities of connecting with people over these experiences.

It takes time for our bodies to re-configure in a manner that starts to completely accommodate our new soul’s life force. But it’s a gradual process, as doing it all at once can also lead to immediate end of your life.

Hence it’s a steady development towards the restructuring of our bodies and our DNA’s to start enclosing more light. It’s important to be gentle with ourselves and let the beauty unfold on its own. 

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