We all are created from the same source. We all all Starborn. We all are Starseeds.
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Every soul, including your own, is merely a tiny spark of light originating from the creational source. After its birth, it searches for new areas of adventure spiraling through the grid of universe; it frequently branches at different levels of experience.

While spiraling, when it reaches the three dimensional world, it divides itself into two halves. These halves are the male and the female one.

They gain their memory as they reach a higher level of spiral energy. They come to know how they are a part of a greater plan; they come to know about their existence!

But in the three dimensional world, they lose their connection with the higher energy. They feel incomplete and alone. They try to delve in other parts of reality. Thus they establish a link through their thoughts with other planets or realms.

As they reach higher level of awareness about themselves, they long to return back to their HOME. They want to achieve the ultimate goal of returning to their creator; of returning to their source. This sense of deep desire motivates them to work for the whole humankind. They become awakened.
To an unawakened soul, the ideas like Starships and intergalactic travel might sound absurd, but for them, it is logical.

These awakened souls help other souls as well, who seek to return to the origin. They want absolute consciousness not just for themselves but for others as well. They have established a mission for themselves in this world: TO RETURN TO THE SOURCE.

This is the reality of human existence. This is the idea behind terming humans as Starseeds.

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