We all come from one common source and this makes all of us twin flames! But you must have felt more resonance with some souls, this is because those souls have a very similar vibration to yours or they share the same soul family.

The soul connection that we share with certain people is the reason why we fall in love so easily. We feel this close connection due to our closeness with the soul from the other world.

The reason for failure of so many marriages can be traced to the concept of twin flames. They break apart because you are Destined to be with someone else to be a complete whole.

Though you can love many people at the same time, but the expression of love for all of them will be different. Like, you can love your wife completely, but at the same time you love your children as well. But in this case, the feeling of love for all of them will be different.

We all have a twin ray inside of us. And there is always a distinct longing within us to meet our other half. We all embody the cosmic marriage of the masculine and the feminine aspects.

And the soul wants this union within ourselves to be seamlessly integrated with our daily lives. Only after having this union working actively within you, you can have a complete sense of fulfillment which makes it more meaningful for you to share your love with another being.

The song “Twin Flame Union” clearly picks all the aspects of this idea. It is a song from the album Quantum Destiny. Every single track on the album (87 minute long) carries energy transmissions to support the upgrades that we receive in our DNA, Mind, Emotions and our Body.

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