You might have taken some advice from some spiritual guru at it was very helpful but when you asked another wise master to help, his/her advice was absolute opposite to the first one but was still helpful and true.

How can this happen? How can two opposite advices be true at the same time?

Carl Jung has an answer for this- according to him, in order for The Life to exist paradoxes are necessary. He goes on to say that the human existence is itself a paradox!

The paradoxical wisdom is a part of our everyday life. We say, “You make your own destiny. Do not be a reaction to an action”. You can also say, “Refrain from acting and your dreams will come to reality”. This looks contradictory at first but if you look carefully, you will be able to figure out that both of these truths come from the same source.

Try to understand it like this, if you can only see two dimensional things and you see the fingers of a hand separately, you will not be able to tell that they are connected with each other. Similarly, we are not able to see the true connection between these paradoxes due to our lack of knowledge.

Jung says, both the inner world and the outer world are just an expression of God. He mentions, “We must watch what the gods ordain for us in the outer world, but as well as waiting for developments in the outer world we must listen to the inner world.”

The part of truth that you accept depends on your subconscious. You can focus on any of it and accept it.

When we try to think of truth in absolute terms, we start seeing the spiritual concepts contradicting with each other. We all are seeing the same truth from very different angles and thus our manifestations of the truth show a contradictory shadow!

What are your views about the paradoxical nature of reality? Share your views and ideas with us.

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