Many people try to take up the practice of meditation but they fail to do it on a regular basis because they are not able to sit still for long.

If you among these people who find it difficult to meditate, then luckily there is still hope for you. You can try walking meditation, a practice that works for almost everyone.

Meditation is a part which you should incorporate in your daily life as it lifts your vibration energy and supports good mental and spiritual health.

What Is Walking Meditation

Walking is a part of our everyday life. Thus to incorporate mediation in it will be comparatively easier. All you need to do is to readjust your pace and focus.

How to Do A Basic Walking Meditation

1. Start with a relaxed comfortable posture.

2. Take a moment to notice where and how you are standing.

3. Wrap the fingers of one hand around the thumb of that hand. With the other hand, wrap on top of the first one in a way that thumb rests on top of the clasped hand. Keep them at navel height.

4. Lower your gaze (at around 45 degrees from the ground)

5. Take every step slowly and feel the different sensations in your leg. Feel the impact of your feet when it hits the pavement, feel the muscles of the leg as they move, feel the movement of the body as a whole.

6. Holding this awareness, walk for 15-20 minutes. Move at a slightly lower pace to avoid tiring out. If your mind wanders away, gently pull it back on the sensations that you are feeling.

Many people like this type of meditation and grasp it quickly. But if you are still finding it hard, do not be disheartened. Try to focus on making your mind a more reflective space.

As with all other skills, practice will make you better with walking meditation.

What do you think about walking meditation? Share your views with us.

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