These are the things that you should know about people who grew up emotionally abused:

1. There are things and words and situations that can remind us about the past and the hurt that we felt in the past. You will see this happen to us often but don’t be scared when this happens and don’t leave us alone when this happens. Stay.

2. There will surely be days when you will see us depressed for no reason. Don’t enquire too much. Just stay calm, we will get better.

3. Sometimes we may not be able to love the way you think you deserve. Don’t leave us, we will come around. It is just hard to trust someone after all that we have been through.

4. We work in extremes and this happens because we find it very hard to find a middle ground. Tell us when we are too extreme to handle. We will surely try to change it for you.

5. Sometimes we may try to control you and that happens because there were certain things in the past that we weren’t able to control. So now we try to control everything we can. Bear with us.

6. Protect us, we love that.

7. We are shy because we are scared to interact with people. It is not like we cannot, it is just that it is hard.

8. We are fiercely loyal because we know how it feels to be left alone and not have love. We will always be there for you.

9. We have a scarred heart, so if you want to leave us please tell us the reason for the same. Don’t just leave us like that. We will be broken because we will imagine the worst.

10. We are stronger than what you assume. This is because we have been through it all and we are still here. We are survivors and you must never underestimate our strength

11. We don’t let the past define us. Yes, it affects us but it does not define what we become. We are what we are because of the past but we will become much more because of our faith and courage.

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