In this article we’ll look at some of the most interesting and some of the weirdest superstitions practiced around the globe.

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To put purse on the table/chair.

It is believed that if you put the purse down on the floor, you’ll lose all the money inside the purse.

  1. CHINA

The number related to ‘4’

The numbers- four, fourteen, twenty four etc are considered evil due to their very close pronunciation with ‘death’ in Chinese.


The tilted windows

19th century farmhouses had tilted windows as it was believed that the witches cannot fly through them with their flying broom.

  1. EGYPT


Leaving a scissors open is considered bad in Egypt. While it is also believed that a scissors below the pillow prevents nightmares.


Casting spell on wife

In Zimbabwe, men cast a spell on women to prevent her from doing adultery.

  1. JAPAN

Covering your belly

It is believed that ‘Raijin’ will take away your belly button if you sleep without covering your belly.


No Empty Cans

Empty buckets and rubbish bins are considered as bad omens in Russia. This is the reason that the cleaning man keeps his mop in the bucket after finishing his work.

  1. SPAIN

Twelve Grapes

Eating twelve grapes at the midnight on New Year’s Eve is believed to bring wealth and fulfillment.


Good and Bad Manhole Covers

People of Sweden pry to avoid walking over the manhole covers. They are marked as ‘K’ and ‘A’. If you step on a wrong manhole, three hearty slaps on the back can counter the bad omen that it brought.


Spilling Water

Water is believed to bring fluidity and tranquility in life. Thus before going for any important task, it is considered good to throw water behind the person.

So, these are some of the weird superstitions in the world.

You know any other weird superstitions? Share them with us.

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