Did you know that pyramids have a deep symbolic significance that is attached to them?

Even the Ancient Egyptians were invested in the idea of Pyramids…


Well, don’t be.

I think everyone has heard about the pyramids of Egypt. A lot of people believe that the pyramids are burial tombs for the Kings and the Queens of Egypt. Another contesting theory is that the pyramids are amazing healing chambers. Well, the Egyptians really knew far more than we do…

Pyramids are considered very sacrosanct in many cultures of the world. You will be amazed to know that many churches are built with steeples like those of pyramids. Even the Native Americans involved in many rituals in a tipis; which is essentially the same shape as a pyramid. It was actually believed that this shape helped them connect to the earth as well as the heaven.

Cool, right?

Now the shape of the pyramid is very interesting. The shape helps the pyramid collect energy from the realms that are higher and then deliver or give it to the earth. The bottom of the pyramid is thus connected to the earth and the top points to the higher realms. All the energy that enters the pyramids gets cleaned and pure because of the shape of the pyramid. This happens because the pyramids generate negative ions that balance out the electromagnetic field and offer healing.

Sitting in a pyramid is also considered good for your aura. Placing food, herbs and other supplements inside a pyramid enhance their effectiveness. Crystals can also be charged in the pyramids in a better way.

Moreover, meditating in a pyramid is considered to be very good as it relieves you of stress and makes you happier and calmer. This happens because the pyramids absorb all the negative energy and make it positive.

Thus, we are still unable to figure out how pyramids have the effect that they have…

It maybe their shape or their energy conversion, something…

But what we know for sure is that the Ancient Egyptians were not wrong. Pyramids are crucial for us. Very, very crucial.

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