I think we can all agree on the fact that it is very hard to handle negative people. You will be tired of them and you will want to run away from them but that is a little impossible.

The fact is that how much ever you may want to, but it is very hard to stay positive around negative people. They just have that kind of an impact on you.

This problem will be further aggravated if you are an empath. Yes, empaths have it really tough. They aren’t able to figure out how they can run away from people who are unloading their negative feelings on them.

This is because empaths are people who listen to the problems of other people and are always deeply involved in resolving the emotional crisis of the people around them. This is because empaths walk in other peoples’ shoes and try to feel their pain first-hand.

Obviously being an empath is a gift. Being so over giving in a world which is obsessed with themselves is so hard. But, this also means that you will have a lot of negative energy around you which you won’t know how to deal with. Thus, it will be extremely hard to stay positive all the time.

Try the following; maybe these can help you out:
  • Be conscious of your aura all the time and try to cleanse your aura on a daily basis.
  • Stay grounded in your body and you will see how you will be able to help people even more than before and it will affect you far less.
  • Listen to your inner voice and work around it. Don’t focus too much on people. Focus on your own self.
  • Choose to be more direct and not always nice. Being nice is good but it will end up giving you pain after a while. So try and be more direct about how you feel and think.
  • Build up a system in you which makes you exude more love in the world outside of you. That ways, you won’t be too affected by the fears of the people around you.
I know this can be hard. But try these and you will see the difference.
Love and Light!

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