Who are the Indigo adults?
  • Concept initiated in the 1970s
  • Gifted with characteristics that aren’t found in normal individuals
  • Extraordinary intelligence and creativity
  • Aren’t ordinary
  • Have a higher purpose in life

You might be an Indigo Adult if you possess these 7 traits:

1. Your questions don’t end:

You are inquisitive and you want to know everything about everything. This curious nature of yours makes you very special because note everyone is like that.

2. Everyone is at Par:

You think that everyone is equal to the extent that you even hate rules because you think that rules make people unequal. This also means that you live in a utopian world.

3. Empathy is your weakness:

You are a natural empath and you cannot stop yourself from helping others. You want to help others because it enriches and fulfills your life.

4. You love nature:

Nature gives you solace. It calms you down and makes you feel like you belong. You even seek solutions to your problems in the company of nature.

5. You don’t like the materialistic:

Even though we all live in a world that values material above anything else, you hate being materialistic. For you, material doesn’t matter because it doesn’t give you satisfaction or happiness. Also, you are aware that the material aspects of our life are ephemeral and evanescent.

6.You are spiritual:

You believe in the existence of the spiritual world. You are aware that there is some higher system of justice that is greater than all of us and to whom all of us are answerable. You are also aware that you are a part of a larger scheme of things. This makes you humble and grounded because you feel so much smaller than the universe.

7. You have a goal:

You aren’t living life purposelessly. You know that there is a goal that you have to achieve and you are aware of your journey which is actually a movement towards the goal that you have set for yourself.

Tell us if you are an Indigo child and how many traits do you have from the above mentioned. We would love to hear from you.