Every human being changes every seven years. Much like the seasons we go through different phases of life. It is like a line that begins at birth and ends with death. It takes 70 years for that line to become a circle. The circle is divided into ten parts.

1st Cycle (0-7 Years)

During the first seven years of its life the child is completely focused on himself. The whole world revolves around it as all the people in the family are always ready to please him. And if this does not happen the child throws a tantrum thus giving himself to anger. He is a perfect egoist completely satisfied with himself and living always in a state of ‘masturbation’ where everyone is there to please him.

2nd Cycle (7-14 Years)

After seven years the child is no longer concentrated on himself and poses a lot of questions to the world outside. He bores his parents to death with a whole lot of queries and indulges in a lot of weird activities. He becomes a philosopher or scientist who wants to learn the truth about things.
He destroys a toy can to learn how it works or kills an insect to know how it is made inside. He is interested in others as long as they are of his sex. Psychologists call this period “homosexual’ stage.

3rd Cycle (14-21 Years)

After fourteen years of age it has a growing interest towards the opposite sex. This is the heterosexual period.  A boy/girl thinks of sex and experiences dreams that are dominated by sexual fantasies. It paves the way for courtship as the child finally makes its entrance into the world.

4th Cycle (21-28 Years)

By the 21st year if everything has developed normally, a man/woman shifts his/her attention towards things other than love. He/she grows ambitious and aims for goods and success. Attracted by power and prestige he/she competes and struggles for achieving them.

5th Cycle (28-35)

At twenty-eight we finally realize that we will not be able to get everything that we want. We learn that for of our desires are impossible to achieve and choose something else. We’ll opt for comfort and security rather than pursuing ambition. This is the point where we stop becoming ‘care-free’. We start thinking about our savings, buying a house, and finally settling down.

6th Cycle (35-42 Years)

At thirty five our energy reaches a peak. Half of the circle of our life is complete and everything starts declining from this point. We rule out anything that would disrupt our lifestyles and start believing in traditions and religion. By living in the past we become conformists. We cease to become afraid of rules and wish for discipline and obsession.

7th Cycle (42-49 Years)

From forty two we start getting mental and physical disorders. Our hair turns gray and they start falling, our skin gets wrinkled. This marks the beginning the beginning of decline and give in to religion quite seriously. We feel the need for surrendering ourselves to something supreme and divine.

8th Cycle (49-56 Years)

This marks the period of sexual decline. This makes one feel guilty as society expects an active sexual role and a man thinks that it does not have all the traits that society expects him to have.

9th Cycle (56-63 Years)

From fifty six years we again lose interest in other things and start focusing on ourselves. We think of discovering the eternal truth by becoming detached from the world. We become what we were as children but this time we are enriched internally with knowledge and experience. We also start contemplating death wishing to meet it calmly and serenely.

10th Cycle – The final one.

At 70 we should be prepared to die. Just as it takes nine months for the fetus to develop inside the uterus we also realize the presence of death nine months before its coming. It now enters the uterus that is inside us.

Indians refer to it as ‘garbha’ which is symbolic. Referring to the divinity that resided inside us eternally.
This is the natural cycle of life

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