Why many people perceive change as something bad? Why they are so scared of change and upturns?

The reason is because it is wired in our brain to seek pleasure and to avoid pain. An external change asks for changes to be made internally. And these changes beyond a point cause discomfort which our brain absolutely wants to avoid.

Thus, you need to know where your panic point is. You can know this when your mind urges you to:

• Seek out of a commitment- indefinitely
• Overthink the negatives
• avoid the change completely
• isolate yourself and get angry over the futility of resisting change

If you are experiencing these panic signs, then you need to learn how to override your brain’s response to change.

1. Try to feel safe. This sense of safety can be achieved with deep breathing, meditating.

2. When you feel that you are in control of your thoughts, do a risk assessment.

3. Note your core values

4. Make a plan to suit new changes

5. Think of ways to leverage your unique strength.

6. Try to embrace the skills currently outside your comfort zone.

7. Focus on what is of paramount importance to you and think of ways to achieve that.

8. Practice self care.

9. Be ready for the worst case.

10. Think of past transitions. Take power from them.

11. Visualize your future reality.

12. Surround yourself with positive people.

13. Try to stretch your fear fences a little further.

14. Stop looking at past failures.

15. Look for a mentor who can guide you through.

16. Keep in mind that if a self-sabotaging habit tries to topple you, it is simply trying to protect you.

If you’ll follow these 16 simple steps, most of your fear will go away and your transition will become seamless.

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