Tea has been a part of modern western culture for more than 300 years now. The tea is loved for its strong flavor and taste. But today many studies have shown that the refreshing cup of tea comes with many health benefits as well.


Many studies have shown that a warm cup of coffee or tea gives the same soothing effect that comes when we are in the company of our loved ones. These studies are based on the human behavior and psyche. They reveal that when we drink these hot beverages, our body release hormones which make us feel. Other studies have tried to link these drinks with various health benefits. It is now widely accepted that these drinks come with a plethora of health benefits. Although, these are not replacements for medical treatment; but still they can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Green tea and Herbal tea supports mental awareness and helps in losing weight. It also lowers the cholesterol level and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Chamomile tea eases anxiety and suppresses insomnia. While peppermint tea helps in stomach pain and relieves menstruation pain. Ginger tea is also known for helping in dizziness and morning sickness.

Black tea is known for reducing the risk of kidney stones. Nettle tea is used to suppress osteoarthritis pain and the tea made from Echinacea is used since ancient times to relieve the symptoms of flu and cold.

After reading these, you sure must be thinking of incorporating tea in your everyday life. But have it in a limited quantity, as it contains mild caffeine. Still, tea is the only substance that can claim to have such a wide range of health benefits without any single side effect.
So enjoy your cup of tea without worrying about health issues. Savor all the different flavors of this beautiful tonic.

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