Sometimes you are lying to yourself and you aren’t even aware about it. Here we come to your rescue. These are 9 signs to prove that you are lying to yourself without even knowing about it.

You Feel Like You’re Running Away From Something: If You have a feeling that you are constantly running away from something than you are lying to yourself without knowing about it. The thing is that no matter how much you hide, your subconscious knows stuff that you deny or abnegate. Can’t cheat it, can you?

You Keep Justifying Other People’s Behavior and your own too: You are stuck in a loop where you keep justifying the behavior of people around you and you do the same for your behavior as well. A need to justify shows that there is something fishy.

You Have A Rigid Attitude: If you have become increasingly stubborn and rigid and you deny hearing people around you, you are probably hiding something and lying to yourself.

You Prefer To Wear Rose-Tinted Glasses: If you prefer to live in the dream world more than in reality, you are surely lying to yourself. This is because you choose to rather live in make-believe than in the brutal honest world and this shows that you are escaping from something.

You Carry Around Deeply-Rooted Anxiety: You are always anxious and worried and this shows that you are uncomfortable with something within yourself. This something is usually the fact that you are lying to yourself without even knowing about it.

Your Heart Contradicts Your Mind: Your heart and mind will be in a constant battle if you lie to yourself without knowing about it. This is because the rational and the emotional are fighting with each other in order to create a version of truth that doesn’t exist.

The important part here is that if you are lying to yourself, Do Not. This is because lying to yourself will make you choose a world that you won’t like after a while. So stay in the real world, face your fears and always look at the truth in the eye.

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