In this enriched spiritual world, there are different kinds of movements and beliefs that take shape time and again. But have you ever asked yourself if you can live on light and oxygen? Can the basic amount of nourishment be achieved from nature?

In this article we will find that out:


Breatharianism is a concept that focuses on the very basic needs of life. It states that the Prana or Chi, the vital forces that drive our lives can help you sustain without even food or water. The sunlight nourishes us instead. Prana is absorbed from the sunlight and it removes the need to have food.


I am sure you might be wondering if this actually happens or not. But it’s quite astonishing to know that practitioners of Breathrianism exist in today’s world. For instance, a holy man from India, Prahlad Jani, also known as Mataji, claims that he has existed without food or water since 1940.

Hailing from Gujarat, a western state of India, Jani managed to baffle the Doctors and Medical staffs in Ahmedabad, who were in charge of examining his medical condition. For a period of 15 days, Jani was kept under strict observations and monitored by closed circuit television. But even then, the doctors were surprised to see that he was in the pink of health. In fact, upon further analysis of his condition, they found out that he is even healthier than people half his age. This is definitely strange but there was no way he could have cheated upon this, due to the kind of surveillance he was undergoing.

A woman from Australia known as Jasmuheen (Ellen Greve) is another famous practitioner of breatharianism. Although her claims were a little doubtful but she claimed that she could sustain with just a cup of tea for four months. After she got featured in the Australian 60 Minutes program, she went through medical observations where the doctors found out that she faced difficulty fasting for more than four days.  This took a drastic turn when some of Jasmuheen’s followers tried to follow their spiritual guru and ended up dying of starvation or suffered severe health problems.


The human body requires essential nutrients in order to function and survive. Think of this as a car. It needs gas to run. Similarly, your body needs food to sustain. Science proves that occasional fasting can actually be good for your body and soul. But you should not take it to an extreme level as it can cause dehydration, starvation and perhaps death.

Breatharianism is a practice that has no certainty about the claims, etc. The best way is to follow science and spirituality and lead life with a healthy and holistic approach. Eat well, stay healthy and nourished. Heal your prana by absorbing the Sun and the air. Leave everything behind and follow your heart. Stay blessed!

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