We all face problems in our life. It’s inevitable. However, our attitude to problems makes us the person we are.

But the thing is that not all of us are able to survive the problems that come. This means that when problems come, we have to stay strong on our ideals and our belief system but only some of us are able to do that. The people who aren’t able to do that eventually lose their spiritual side.

Our spiritual side is very important in our lives, whether we realize this or not. It keeps us grounded and it connects us to the people around us. People who lose their spiritual side are usually negative in nature and lead an extremely purposeless life.

Sad, right? But you will surely find such people around you all the time. Look out for these 3 telltale signs:

1. They are closed-minded:

Being spiritually disconnected makes a person think in a certain way. The problem is that such people are unable to think freely. They are prejudiced and full of bias and understand only their side of the story. Also, lack of empathy makes them unable to connect with anyone else which is why they aren’t able to help other people out and thus become even more close minded than before. The thing is that they don’t really trust people around them and they trust themselves the most.

2. They are defensive:

They will make sure that they fully defend all their actions. They will justify all that they do and will present a very rational reason behind all their actions. Now the reason might seem rational but it actually isn’t. The thing is that these people have built their defenses really well and strong and they have done so in order to boost their ego as well as protect their ego from being hurt by anyone.

3. They keep repeating the same mistakes.

It is pretty obvious that they do so because they don’t have the learning ability of a normal person. Usually people consider their problems to be a part of a larger scheme of things and this is why people tend to learn from their problems. But this is not the case with a spiritually disconnected person. They don’t learn from their mistakes and hence they keep repeating the mistakes.

Do you know such people?

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