You might have experienced it many times that some people just know how to set you off.

Like, your mother in law who finds an issue with whatever you do or that talkative co-worker who won’t stop talking or your boss who gives you all the pending work right before you’re ready to leave. Don’t you wonder at times why some people like these are so inherently annoying at whatever they do?

They have issues

Admit it or not, some people are born with the innate desire to spread misery and create drama. This, of course, comes as no surprise, considering how their life’s only motive is to poke their noses and be sneaky.

There are ones who come off as annoying subconsciously out of fear, envy or inferiority. They end up being annoying without realizing it whereas there are others who gain sheer pleasure from it. And there’s also a third category that yields this as a means to get attention. Whatever the reason, these people are not very likely to change their behavior. The first thing you could do is to pay no attention at all while the second being – you can be understanding and mindful of their issues.

They act as a mirror of you

Annoying people at times bring to the front certain things that are lurking within you and need attention. I loathed the times when my boyfriend wandered off to parties, leaving me behind. It was much later that I realized this behavior reminded me of my father leaving me behind and triggered feelings of abandonment and alienation in me. So next when something triggers you, look within yourself.

It could be Karma

Annoying behavior from someone at present often has roots embedded in the past. If your sibling won’t stop hurling “I-told-you-so” at every mistake you make or your neighbor won’t stop dumping your door with garbage, it might stem from a spiritual payback. Why not meditate and talk to a psychic?

How to handle these hot buttons?

Ignore them while you can. If you can’t, never forget how the way you react to them actually has the power to change. You could begin by questioning your emotional reactions which would surely help you to grow into a better person.

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