1. What you want in your soulmate is what you will get.

This is one of the tricks of the human ego giving you an illusion of control. The truth is, when it has to happen, it will happen.

2. There is one single soulmate for everyone

Again this is arbitrary and highly subjective. There are different people at different points in your life who would seem like the perfect partner.

3. Soulmates are exclusively sexual/romantic

This is a rather moronic thing to say. Your best companion can be your best friend. In fact chances are higher at that happening.

4. You “find” your soulmate

Again, this is one of the things your brain tells you to believe to not lose that sense of control. You can’t find them. When things are right, they might happen.

5. Soulmates will stay with you forever no matter what

This particular myth creates a lot of unnecessary pain for both people. Everyone has a breaking point, especially a human being and that must be respected.

6. Soulmates are of the opposite gender

Of course this is years of hetero-normative propaganda talking. Even if we exclude the whole homosexual romance angle, your soulmate might be a friend or even a cousin of the same gender.

7. Soulmates are available/single

Again, don’t let so many romantic films fool you. Love is as tricky as it gets and the whole “timing is a bitch” deal is real and pretty common. Two people might have an exceptional connection but not the compatible relationship status. Also a person can choose not to be in a relationship with you despite of being single and having an amazing connection with you.

8. Soulmates are human

Just like they don’t have to be of the same gender, romantic or sexual. They just have to be someone who makes you happy. You pet is actually a very strong contender.

9. Soulmate relationships are effortless

NO. You work on a relationship like tending to a garden. And you work together.

10. Soulmates complete you

Not always. Sometimes self-contemplation and self-effort towards further enrichment is very, very necessary. But yes, a soulmate can and will encourage you on the journey to perfection.

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