As you read the word Superhuman, many of you must have thought of flying and of immense physical strength. But to me, being a superhuman is much more than being a superhero!

The topic is very fascinating and can be a little confusing also, so try to understand each and every code. Let’s jump straight to our Superhuman code.

The Superhuman Code

The definition of superhuman can be – an individual who gives his best to live to his/her true potential without getting limited by the limits of the illusions.

They honor LOVE before anything else.

They trust THEIR HEART before anything else.

They are the love between their soul and their consciousness

They represent the true light.

They seek to continuously improve their Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional being.

They endorse the values of Humanity.

They improve their chakra system.

Their values are extremely valuable to them.

Their ego serves their true self and not their fear.

They follow their PURPOSE before anything else.

They maintain balance between doing and not doing.

They do what they love to do.

They take complete responsibility of their lives.

They empower others through their acts.

They do small acts of kindness.

They believe that True Love exists.

They believe in things that are beyond our understanding.

They work on their passions.

They are adventurous and very curious.

They respect nature.

They seek to improve all the fundamental aspects of life, which are -Moral, Physical Strength, Spirituality, Frequency, Lifelong Learning and Self Discovery.

They know how to have fun in life.

They are free of prejudices.

They understand their potential.

They stay away from addictions.

They respect people who made contributions in their life.

They neglect neither the Inner nor the Outer world.

They fight their own demons without putting that burden unto the world.

They seek Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

They trust science and know it is the other side of spirituality.

So, these are some of the codes of the Superhumans.

What do you think about them? Share your views with us.