Everything that we have on our bodies serves its purpose. That’s just how evolution works. Before telling you about the American Indians, we want to tell you something about hair and why we need it on our body:
  • Hair is an extension of the nervous system
  • They can also be called the exo-nervous system
  • They are the ‘antennae’ that transmit external information to the brain
  • They emit energy and transfer it to the brain

Now, the American Indians believe that cutting hair can result in affecting our communication with the outside world. It may result in us becoming desensitized to the world around us.

Short hair can also cause frustration of even the sexual kind. A proof of this belief of the American Indians can be seen in an instance from the Vietnam War.

During the Vietnam War, some undercover experts from the military took upon themselves the task of finding talented navigators from the American Indian Reserves.

They were looking for robust, young men who could move with agility across the rough terrains as well. So the search was for men with great tracking abilities. Thus their skills were documented and some of them were enlisted.

But the skills seemed to vanish all of a sudden once these men joined the military. This happened at such an extreme level that the government had to conduct a research on the recruits. In the research the recruits said that the mandatory military haircut has affected their abilities.

Weird, right?

But the researchers were also intrigues. So they hired a fresh batch of the American Indians and told them to keep their hair long. The result was that the men with the long hair did better at the tests.

This might sound awkward to us because we all believe that civilization has a certain way of life that we must abide by. All of us are so involved in maintaining our status and our position that we think cutting our hair makes us look more appropriate and more “civilized”.

But I don’t think the American Indians think this way. What do you think?