Do you know about the Indigo Children?

The term is a new age concept and it means children who are born with an indigo aura. An indigo aura is obviously different from normal people. So much so that some psychotherapists think that children who suffer from disorders such as ADD or ADHD are actually from some ‘superior race’.

Shocking, right?

Let us look at some characteristics of the Indigo Children:
  • They know they are here for a reason and they have some purpose. This means that wish to do and achieve something larger than themselves. Hence, they feel that they have a higher purpose and not only a material purpose.
  • They do not settle for absolute authority as do not believe in it. Nothing can actually stop the indigo children. So they are the rebellious kind. Also they cannot be disciplined easily.
  • They are born knowing the idea that they deserve to be valued. They demand respect from the people around them and they assume that they deserve the respect that they get.
  • They feel that creativity is one of the most important things. Thus they want to think everything in a creative way. Because of this reason, the indigo children often come up with brilliant and obviously better ways to do things.
  • They will tell you what they need and when they need it. They are not at all shy or embarrassed by what other people think about them.

Now the thing is that these traits are also seen in ADHD and ADD children.

Yes, the traits overlap.

A former Psychotherapist Doreen Virtue believes that the concept of indigo children is actually true and exists and the Indigo children have the ability to change the world and make it a better place to live in but instead the Indigo Children are being repressed with drugs such as Ritalin.

On the other hand Stephen Hinshaw, professor and the chairman of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley does not agree with the idea of indigo children. He does agree that children are being ‘over-medicalised’. He actually believes that simple behavior problems that a child might grow out of are being labeled as ADD or ADHD, making the life of the child very difficult.

So, maybe the people who have ADHD or ADD are actually Indigo Children!