We all know about the healthy and the unhealthy foods.

We all also know about the foods we have to eat on a diet and what not…

But did you know that the amount or the kind of food can affect your sense preceptors?

This means that whatever we take in through our five senses flows into our mind and affects our thought process. So we have to be super careful about what we eat.

This means that the food that we consume has some sort of unseen vibration. So more “vibrational’ food is better for us and thus it is important to consume such food more than the others. So the important point here is that we all understand things in a different way.

This means that if ten people are in the same room, they will understand the same thing in ten different ways because our senses act in a different manner. So the positive and the negative energy will obviously have an effect on us. Thus, if we become more alert about what we eat, we can create a better world.

This means that if we eat food that creates a positive mind space in us, we would be able to create a positive world outside us as well. This is the way we can heal the world and make it a better place to live in.

A lot of people would laugh at this idea. But you should actually try this. Try eating good and healthy food for some time and you will realize that you feel lighter and happier in comparison to the time when you eat oily or fatty food. This is because your body is healthier and working far more efficiently than before.

Thus your body becomes more active and indulges in activities in a positive way. In this way people around you will also feel better around you and will surely be attracted to you because you are creating good and positive energy.

So try this and tell us about your experience.