Inuit Elders have issued stark warning about the future of the planet.

They believe that earth has changed its position in the skies and thus these problems that we are facing today are not out of man-made global warming or anything else but purely due to earth’s position.

In their opinion, if the earth stays like this for a long period of time, then there might be an unprecedented amount of natural disasters coming in the next years.

The Inuit elders are very intuitive people. Using the gift of intuition, they have been predicting the weather and thus deciding the best time to grow crops and to game hunt. Thus their lives have always been depended upon the basic understanding and the feeling for the nature around them. They are linked very intimately with it and thus are able to read every small change in the skies.

They claim that the current problems which are believed to be emerging out of global warming are not ‘man-made’ but rather due to the shifting of the earth. Observing the skies very closely, they declared that the earth is not the same anymore! It has wobbled. They believe that this shift in the earth has made the world very unbalanced.

The Inuit elders want this problem to be understood better, thus they have given their warning to the NASA. The Inuits also claim that the Sun rises in a little different position. Now it is slightly higher in the sky, thus resulting in a much hotter weather than before.

They believe that the days are longer now, as they have to spend more time outside. They support this idea by explaining how the stars and the moon are also in a different place with relation to the Earth now. This change in the position of earth is even creating problems for them to predict the weather and thus their lives are becoming miserable.

What do you think about this theory by the Inuit Elders?