In a historic decision, the Slovenian government has declared water to be “The 21st century’s liquid gold”. It is declared that every citizen must have access to water without any question.

The Prime Minister Miro Cerar reiterated the promise of the government and made extensive arrangement for proper availability of drinking water. The Slovenian constitution now reads-

From the Slovenian constitution:

“Everyone has the right to drinkable water.Water resources represent a public good managed by the state.

Water resources are primary and durably used to supply citizens with portable water and households with water and, in this sense, are not a market commodity.”

According to Amnesty international, around 12000 people in Slovenia are currently deprived of the access to clean drinking water. Their report highlighted the huge problem of water unavailability in the region. Although the slovenians are currently not able to have clean water, but it is well known that the water in Slovenia is very pure, thus the problem of water scarcity can be managed easily.

PM Cerar believes that if steps are not taken immediately then the problem could get worse. He said, “As it will gradually become a more valuable commodity in the future, pressure over it will increase and we must not give in.”

Despite the clear support of the new lawFotis Filippou, Deputy Europe Director said on the matter:

“Enshrining access to drinking water as a constitutional human right is an important legal step forward for Slovenia, but Roma communities need more than legal changes.

Action is now needed to ensure the changes flow down to all those without water and sanitation.”

The steps taken by Slovenian government are very commendable and other countries must also learn from the steps taken by them. Water is one of the most important needs for every single organism and thus countries should strive to make the condition of their citizens better.

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