Energy healing is becoming a very exciting field as more and more young people are discovering their interest and their talent in it.

If you are also looking for opportunities and ways to become an energy healer, then you must read this article.

My journey with energy healing is a very peculiar one. When I started learning the art of healing, I faced numerous problems and there was no one guiding me.

I had to face all the challenges myself, all I had were a few books which I read multiple times.

One of the books was ‘Healing with Gemstones and Crystals’ by Diane Stein. I got all the basic ideas from these books and I was able to learn by applying those ideas ‘hands-on’

Fortunately, there were a few people to help me out later in my journey. I was able to apply my learning ‘hands-on’ with them; their valuable feedback became the real reason for my growth.

They told me about my mistakes; a few of them were- making too much passes over the body which resulted in infusing too much energy in them(which they cannot handle), initially I pushed the energy too much rather than simply being the vessel for the flow of energy.

Sometimes, the mistake is to not focus on protecting oneself from others’ energy.

So I always take a mental note that I should not take on the person’s energy and thus I disassociate myself from their energy network. Also, I wash my hands with running cold water to take off all the extra energy.

These are some things that I learned and some things that I developed during my ten years career as an energy healer.

The art of healing comes naturally to some people and I think I am one of those lucky few.

So what do you think about energy healing? Share your views and comments with us.

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