Is it time to stop being unconsciously empathic? What if it is?

When we are born, we are basically like little amoebas. We are on the same energetic field as them. We have unstructured borders and we move in and around the energy fields of other people. Basically we do that to check how other people are feeling.

We also do this because we want to know how we can get what we want, how we can be safer and how we can understand the people who are around us. We get older and we learn different methods of defense which is usually premised on language. So, basically we learn how to get what we want by employing different tools for the same.

But there are some people who are unable to learn or adapt to these new ways. These people, who are unable to understand the ways of the world, continue to be empathic and they continue to behave in the same way as before. They have no pattern of boundaries in their mind for themselves or for other people. This results in them not understanding the concepts of boundaries at all.

Eventually this problem reaches a point where they are not able to understand themselves at all. This results in them hoarding a lot of negative feelings within them and also results in affecting their idea of ‘Self’. Thus, the gift of being empathic becomes more of a curse instead.

If you are empath, you might consider what we are going to suggest now…

Give up being empathic and choose to connect to the Oversoul.

Being empathic means that you forget what you feel and only concentrate on what other people are feeling around you. Also, you indulge in the emotions of other people so much that you forget what you are feeling; you totally forget to deal with your emotions first.

But what if we install intentional balloons of cushion energy around ourselves?

This means that we communicate telepathically rather than empathically. Thus we meet Oversouls and not bodies.

Isn’t that amazing?

Tell us what you think about this idea. We would love to hear from you.

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