So many people experience the phenomenon of looking at the clock at the time when numbers are repeated, like at 11:11 or 12:12.

Numerology tries to explain the phenomenon by relating it to current and upcoming events in our lives. It explains that when we see numbers, they are not a part of any subconscious time cycle but rather a part of some subtle message.

You may think that it is an indicator of a message from the universe about different trends and movements in your life. Numerology proves that the most commonly seen sign (11:11) indicates that the path you are walking on is the right one and you should continue walking on it for personal fulfillment.

The individual numbers in 11:11 adds up to ‘4’, a number which is related to strength and stability. Thus the path that you are following will take you to power and dramatic positive change, at least on a smaller scale.

The frequency with which you see 11:11 shows your bond with the guardian angels. When you see these signs, remember that you are taking part in a system that is much larger than yourself.

I have personally heard many accounts of people being benefitted when they saw the clock at 11:11. One of my friends was giving a job interview at ‘Tesla’, he looked up to see the time, it was 11:11, he felt that the minute was too long and there was something different about that moment. Later he got his job and he is happily working there.

Accounts like these can be heard often from people. It is important to understand that this spreads through sharing, so you may also start to see it after reading this article.

If you are seeing this number please reach back to us to share your experience. After all, it is sharing only which allows us to learn in a holistic way!

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