Mercury is currently in retrograde in Virgo, from the 12th of August to the 5th of September, and has long been believed to affect everything in our lives, from travel plans to communication. We show how to get through this tumultuous time with ease and come out the other side feeling stronger than ever before…

Check contracts. And check them again

And again. And once more, just to be safe. Mercury Retrograde is notorious for throwing plans off track, so if you can wait a week until Mercury is out of retrograde, then do. You don’t want to accidentally sign into anything you weren’t expecting, or to be lumbered with outrageous fees or terms and conditions.

Don’t travel just yet

As with the above, if you can put off travelling or planning your journeys until after Mercury Retrograde, then try to. If certain travel plans are unavoidable, or were booked beforehand, go ahead with them, but just make sure you’re prepared. Double check you have all of the documents and everything you need, buy travel insurance and ensure you leave in plenty of time so you don’t miss any flights!

Get a second opinion

Whether it’s something as trivial as buying a new pair of shoes or dying your hair a new colour, or something more life changing such as accepting a job offer or a new home, it’s always best to get a second opinion. Ask a friend, family member or trusted expert for their thoughts and feelings on something before you go ahead with it. Two heads are always better than one, and it shows the universe that you’re someone who takes their time with thinking things through.

Don’t rush into anythin

From blossoming romances to extravagant purchases, now is not the time to be going into anything too quickly. Mercury Retrograde is rife for scuppering plans, even more so if they’re hasty ones. You generally wouldn’t charge full steam ahead in life anyway, so why now? Take things slow and let the universe work its magic. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

Expect the unexpected

A certain person from your past may crop up during this tumultuous time, such as an ex or an old flame, a friend you haven’t seen in ages or someone you may have fallen out with. But don’t let this throw you off your spiritual path — if a reconciliation or reunion is on the cards, approach it with caution, and maybe wait until Mercury is out retrograde before you make up with this person. It could be for the best.

… And relax!


Anything Mercury Retrograde throws at you can be dealt with if you have a calm and Zen apparoach to things. Don’t let what’s going on up there affect you too much down here on earth. Stay grounded, breathe, and keeping doing what you normally do. Remember, Mercury Retrograde is only for three weeks — you CAN handle anything it throws at you. Just proceed with caution for this short amount of time before the cosmos of the universe is balanced once again. Well, until December….

Source: SoulAndSpiritMagazine

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