Do you work really hard and still fail to see success? Are all of your future plans failing?

If yes, then the reason for your problems can very well be the difficulties in your past life.

It is often said that you must let go of your past, being stuck in your past is almost synonymous with not being focused on development. It might seem counterproductive to hold on to your past for your future development, but the reality is that you cannot succeed until you resolve the issues of your past which are holding you back.

What I am suggesting here is very spiritual and scientific at the same time. As we learn from our mistakes in history, but we do not cling to the narratives of past; in the same way we must address the problems in our past and must not stick to them for long. In short, healing your past is the quickest path for a better future.

For understanding this clearly, let’s take the case of a person who has seen his parents in a very unhappy relationship, it is highly probable that the person will have subconscious fear of being married.

Similarly, a person who had lived his childhood under constant abuse will have difficulty understanding what parenting is! It is here in situations like these that healing your past gives the opportunity to liberate you from such fears and thus makes your life joyful.

Here is a simple technique for healing your past.

– Begin by sitting quietly and calm your mind. If you are familiar with meditation, spend some time in meditation.

– Say a prayer to connect with your angels and high level Spirit Guides to assist you and ask that you are connected only with light.

– Write down, think or say out loud what you want to know more about – or an energy you wish to heal. Ask your angels and guides to assist you in gaining insight into the origin of this energy, from any lifetime.

– Ask what lessons you need to know from experiencing this.

– Ask for forgiveness for all people involved, and let that energy go.

– Imagine what you would like to experience instead, and allow yourself to be filled with light, love and that healing frequency.

– Spend some time journaling, reflecting and integrating your new energy. You will feel different!

Believe me, healing your past can be the best thing you can do to improve your future. You’ll be able to work with a new found energy.

What do you think about past healing? Share your views with us.

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