Sometimes we don’t realize that it is time to let go. But if you pay heed to these signs, you will know when it’s time:

1. Our body tells us about it:

Our body tells us so many things and one of them is the time you should let go. If you are experiencing unease or chronic headaches or tiredness or fatigue, you should know that through these unexplained ways, your body is telling you that it is time to let go off the relationship you are forcefully holding onto. This happens because of the negative energy that your body is being exposed to. It is surely reacting to that.

2. Unexplained mood swings:

Yes, if you feel that you are unusually sad, your emotional cycle is telling you that you are tired even emotionally. Maybe, you have already given the relationship the emotions and the energy that you could and now you are inexplicably tired.

3. We feel disrespected and not appreciated:

You will start feeling that your opinions and your feelings are not respected or appreciated. You will start feeling that you can do better without the given relationship and all that you will seek is freedom. It’s a telltale sign, my friends!

4. The universe starts giving us signs:

If you have faith in the idea that the universe works in mysterious ways, you will know that the universe gives us signs when things are just not going to work out. Just be conscious of these signs and you will know when to let go.

5. Other opportunities start showing up:

Oh! You will find better opportunities around you. All of a sudden you will be swamped with new people around you who are offering you much more than what you are getting. Maybe, it’s time that you grab these opportunities instead of hurting yourself for no reason.

If you have observed these signs around you, you know what to do. Take the plunge and the universe will surely reward you for it.

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