Without a doubt, the question I get asked the most from clients is whether or not they are living their soul’s purpose. When someone is feeling “off” in their life, dissatisfied or unfulfilled, there’s a sense that they are not doing what they came here on earth to do. And then…they panic.

Well, purpose is the hit topic of the 21st century. We all talk about it, don’t we? It is because all of us want to know or realize what our life’s purpose is. But we see life in a very materialistic way. The way we should understand purpose is by understanding the idea of soul.


The purpose of our life is actually the purpose of our soul. So, what we have to actually fulfill is the purpose of the soul. The purpose of the soul isn’t materialistic in nature. In fact, the purpose of the soul is where spirituality comes into our lives.

We have to realize that our soul wants much more than mere material possessions. Our soul isn’t bound by the small boundaries of our careers. Our careers may give us a lot of money and success and fame but the soul does not need it. The soul needs happiness and satisfaction and both of these can rarely be achieved through material ventures.

So, what fulfills the purpose of our soul?

Well, this is a tough question to answer. But we will try to help you in understanding this. You know, do the smallest thing that can make someone else happy and you will see your soul ebullient and enthusiastic. You will beam with pride and happiness.

But the real question is that how is it possible to fulfill the purpose of your soul in the kind of material world that we live in?

Yes, that is tough but not impossible. Do things that make you happy. Focus on yourself. Be worried about your approval. We spend way too much time thinking what other people would do. Think what you want to do. But at the same time, do this simple thing. Think about others before you think about yourself. Yes, it is risky to be altruistic in the kind of world that we live in. But try it out! It will surely give you so much happiness that you will not be able to fathom it.

So, be loyal to your soul and you will come to know the meaning of the word happiness.

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