What is a Spirit Team?

We all have a support system. You may not be able to see them but they are always around you. Spirit guides form spirit teams. Spirit guides are souls that previously incarnated on Earth. All of us have them. They guide our moves and actions and they sort of take care of us.

Isn’t that cool?

Here are the ways in which you can connect with your spirit team:

1.Recognize yourself as a spirit:

This means that you should accept that you are a spirit first. After that you must allow your spirit to have a spiritual experience. This will make you a more sympathetic and kind person as well.

2.Intentions Matter:

If you intend to talk to your spirit team, it will happen. In fact, they will guide you.

3.Clear your energy field:

We all have so much negativity around us. What we can do is that we can purify our energy field and make it more sacrosanct. This way we can please our spirit teams.

4.Welcome your Team:

Yes, welcome them with open arms. They need to know that they can be a part of your life. Make them a part of your life and you will see how easy and comfortable your life becomes. For that, you need to make them comfortable first.

5.Communicate with your team:

Talk to them as much as possible. After a while, you will see yourself discuss every problem with them and this way you will be able to lead a happy and a successful life.

6.Be thankful:

Be grateful for all the care they have provided you till now. They have always been there for you and it is surely a tough job. So be thankful to them for all their work.

7.Ask your guides for help:

Also, ask them to come and help you when need be. Tell them to be around you and not to leave your side. Also, tell them that you have faith and trust in their powers.

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