Did you know that you may be the deterrent behind your own spiritual growth?

Yes. We have a list of ideas that block your spiritual growth. Believe us and act on them and you will see the change in yourself.

1.Be a good person: Yes, try and be the best version of yourself. Don’t limit yourself according to the world and don’t think that the world is bad so you have to be bad. Be good.

2.Be selfless: Think about others first and yourself later. Others matter and selflessness will give you so much happiness and peace.

3.People know better than you: Empty your cup and that’s how you will receive more. Think about it like this. People know more than you so you should listen more and talk less and learn as much as possible from others.

4.You must always communicate with kindness and compassion: Use kindness and compassion as your tools. They will surely take you a long way.

5.Spiritual means orderly and calm: Set some sort of order and calm in your life. Being spiritual cannot work simultaneously with chaos. So sort things out!

6.Your truth is what matters: Believe in your truth and don’t try to impose it on others. Everyone has their own version of truth and everyone is entitled to their version no matter what.

7.You’re above messy emotions: Don’t let emotions change the person that you are. Always remember that you are above all the things that happen to you and so you are above all the emotions that you feel.

8.Do nothing. God or the universe will bring you your good: Don’t seek revenge from people. Just wait patiently. Good things will happen to you if you have been good.

9.What’s mine is yours: Share with others. Treat everyone as if they are your family. Share your ideas and experiences and even things.

10.Kill your ego: Say goodbye to your ego and you will grow so much on a spiritual level. Trust us!

So, try these ways and tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.

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