Shaolin monks go through perhaps some of the most rigorous physical and mental trainings.

We talked to one such Shaolin Monk and found out the secrets of longevity. The Monk told us how pertinent it is to control and to maintain the inner balance of the body and the soul.

Anybody who knows about the Shaolin Monks will agree that they know all the ancient secrets of healthy living. Here we present to you some of the secrets shared with us by the Monk.

Take control of your eating, your anxiety and your happiness

Always eat a little less than what you can eat. Eating till your stomach is full is bad for your spleen. Interestingly, the concept of balance is applied to seemingly two very opposite feelings. Both anxiety and happiness must be controlled.

Slow down and take more breaks

You’ll be surprised if someone will tell you that you’ll be able to do things better and faster if you’ll slow down a little.

Taking small breaks in between tasks is also very important. It helps you to protect your eyes and maintain your focus.

Think less and talk less

Thinking more takes a lot of energy, you must think only what is important. In the same way, talking too much is just wastage of energy. Rather than talking, your actions should speak.

Balancing Yin and Yang

You must balance physical exercise and mental training in your daily routine; too much of physical exercise without mindfulness will leave you dry on Yin. While too little of exercise will leave you dry on Yang. Thus a balance of both meditation and physical exercise is required for balanced living.

These tips from the Shaolin Monk clarifies that all you need for a long and healthy life is balance between all the aspects of your life. For that, it is very important to take control of your emotions, your lifestyle, your desires etc.

Hope these tips will help you to refresh your life and start anew with a new perspective.

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