Oh! Grief. 

We are all meant to face it someday or the other. Most of the times, we will feel that we are being punished and that life is being cruel to us. But when we mature we understand grief in a very different way. We understand that it is part of life. But one of the most important things that we must understand is the idea that grief teaches us a lot. These are just 7 ways in which grief makes you a better person:

1. Relationships with others become stronger

Yes, grief teaches you whom to trust and whom not to trust. It makes you realize that only some people will stick with you during the tough times and these are the people that you must keep in your life. You need to leave people who won’t support you in your pain and suffering.

2. You organize your finances

Well, split ups and the grief that they cause helps your organize your finances. You will realize that a divorce has so much money involved so you will eventually learn to organize your money. Moreover, you will learn to be independent and one of the first ways to be independent is to be financially independent.

3. Your health improves

Coming out of grief will teach you that you matter. You are the centre of the world. So you must put your focus into yourself. Once you do that, your health will improve because you will work on yourself more.

4. You become more spiritually aware

You will gradually realize that you have a spiritual existence because one of the only things that will help you overcome grief is spirituality. So you will eventually become more spiritually aware.

5. Little things in life will stop bothering you

You will realize that life is so much more than the little things that we keep thinking about. We spend our entire lives worrying about small things that probably don’t matter that much. But grief will teach you better!

6. You are more focused on capturing memories

You will realize that it is more important to live fully and completely. You will also realize that the present moment is all that matters. There is nothing awaiting us in the future. Well, basically carpe diem!

7. You are more complete with your loving

You will learn to love more and fully because you will love the way you want to be loved back. From this point, your life will only get better. Trust us!

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