Do you want to achieve a higher state of energy? Do you want to achieve your goals with the help of the magic of the moon? If yes, then read on.

In almost every culture moon is seen as a source of mysterious powers. So it is not a surprise that moon’s powers are harnessed in rituals, spells, crystal cleaning.

Here we are revealing the ‘Blue Moon Ritual’, which will help you bring a lot of new opportunities in life.


You’ll need:

  • Moonstone or Blue Selenite
  • Seven blue candles arranged in a circle
  • A silver bowl(half filled with water)


  1. This spell is best if performed outdoors during the second full moon in a month, or indoors if it is cloudy.
  2. Hold the Moonstone or Selenite in your outstretched non-dominant hand, saying as you face the moon/lighted candle circle “Once in a blue moon has not come too soon, for I seek rare opportunity. On this blue moon may it come to be”, then name the opportunity that you wish to benefit from.
  3. Still facing the moon, toss the crystal seven times, saying each time “Rarely comes this opportunity, blue moon, send it soon to me.”
  4. Plunge the crystal seven times into the water, repeating the above spell seven times.
  5. Continue this cycle of tossing, chanting and plunging until you have completed seven full cycles.
  6. Leave the crystal on the ground overnight and pour the water on plants, saying “Blue moon, bring this opportunity soon.”
Must-have crystals

This stone possesses the power to bring longevity and positivity in your life.


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This stone will help you to channel into your intuition. This is also considered as the best stone for connecting with lunar power.


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This stone helps you to purify your life. It is used by many people to lose their inhibitions. You can also reap good benefits during a full moon.

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