You must have come across so many articles that tell you the ways to deal with a toxic relationship, or about How to live happily after the breakup. But there is hardly any material available on how to manage your relationship again with your new love.

These ‘Relationship Experts’ do not tell you how is it like to be in a love relationship again. It is often so difficult for you to experience the same level of love as, every single time when your new partner tells you how much they love you doubts still linger in your head.

These red flags of a broken relationship do not disappear easily. The small fights of your previous relationship drained you completely and now these fights will be panic signs for you. You would have learned not to ignore these signs. Fights happen in almost every relationship, but the important part is how you deal with your partner after the fight.

The doubt starts to build in your head after these fights, that this new person will also drain your time and energy. Thus fear creeps inside your head, which results in self-doubt.

These doubts and fears will be removed only when you’ll trust your heart and intuition. Some days will be hard but the patient love of your partner will be reassuring. The real healing will start only when you’ll rediscover your true love.

Again there might be some rainy days, the fear might creep back in, but your doubts will be silenced with their acceptance. Their hugs will be warm and they will give you the strength to keep moving forward.

What others have not told you is that, new love will be difficult. It’ll be confusing. It’ll be painful. But it’ll be worth it. It’ll remind you that this is what you wanted and deserved this whole time. So don’t be afraid, take your time, and keep in mind that you are still healing.

Cherish your new love.

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